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Attic Insulation Tulsa OK

About Us

Insulation Services of Tulsa is a locally owned insulation company with many years of experience. Our salesmen know the right products and systems needed to get your home or business to the highest efficiency level possible making your energy bills lower. 

We work both in residential and commercial construction, serving Tulsa and surrounding areas. Not only do we work with new construction, we can also remove old, less efficient insulation from existing buildings to replace with newer and better insulation.

Insulation plays a key part in every homes interior and effects utility usage and bills. For expert advise on what your home or business needs to be more efficient and comfortable, contact us for a free estimate!


Our Services


If your attic insulation isn't up to standards your utility bills could be suffering. We are a Certified PSO Contractor, call us and ask about potential Rebates.

Blown insulation is installed using a blowing machine that blows loose fiberglass through a hose into whatever is getting filled. It can be loosely blown in attics or used in a bib system with a backing material to hold the fiberglass in walls, ceilings and other areas.


Batt and roll fiberglass insulation can be used in a wide variety of applications including walls, ceilings, floors and roof lines. Depending on if the project needs a vapor barrier, batt insulation can be faced with paper or foil, or can be unfaced.

Fiberglass batts have been around for many years and is probably one of the older systems for insulating. Though it's not the most efficient, it is cost-effective and proven.


Spray foam is a chemical insulation that sprays on wet and expands to fill every crack and crevice to ensure a good seal. There are two types of foam; open-cell which is more sound proof, and closed-cell which creates a vapor barrier. Foam insulation is great for standing the test of time as it doesn't deteriorate and adheres well to surfaces. Our team is certified in foam systems to ensure you get top tier quality and service.


When your whole house is insulated, it maintains its temperature and make your home more comfortable in every season. It is more quiet as well. Save your energy cost with a full house insulation. 


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batt insulation

Home Insulation Benefits

Insulating your home will keep you comfortable all year long. 

  • Energy Efficiency 

  • Home Improvement 

  • Sound Control

  • More Comfort 

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